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The Glamorous Life

It’s absolutely no secret that I’m a fan of music. I love music! Music is everywhere and everything. When I’m feeling out of sorts there is a song to help. There’s a melody or rhythm to match my mood and help me restore balance or come to terms with whatever threw me off balance in the first place. Music is some powerful stuff!!!

The other day I was listening to “The Glamorous Life” performed by Sheila E (but it was written by the Artist – the Man – the Purple One – Prince Rogers Nelson… but I digress). Other than basking in the glow of that classic Minneapolis sound, I let the lyrics wash over me. Don’t get me wrong – I’ve heard the lyrics before – I’ve listened to the song countless times. But this time it was different. The verse that really jumped out at me was:

She wants to lead the glamorous life She don't need a man's touch She wants to lead the glamorous life But without love it ain't much

Wait! Let me take a step back. Some of you may not know the song or the lyrics. Allow me to give some background and hopefully not ruin the song. The song basically tells the story of an ambitious woman that wants the finer things in life. This woman is beautiful and has plans and aspirations that are bigger than anyone suspects. The song refers to furs and luxury cars and expensive lingerie and sex – it was written by Prince, after all. But the song also makes the brilliantly simple point that all those things don’t matter a whole lot without love. Ultimately, this talented, ambitious and beautiful woman realizes this simple point and falls in love.

I know that it is a pretty basic pop song. It’s catchy. It was hip at the time (even if me using the word hip isn’t). And I found it to be incredibly relevant, still. I found myself wondering what else – what other things would render the “glamorous life” meaningless or take away some of that, well, glamour. Don’t get me wrong, I have social media accounts and like to get “likes” and re-shares and re-Tweets and all kinds of stuff. I have dreams and desires to be known and to be famous; to write books; to do speaking tours; to make lots of money and to change the world. You know, the Glamorous Life. But what if boring things were glamorous? What if common things were glamorous? What if those things that we often overlook or forget about on the way to glamour were glamorous? I’m talking about the salt of the earth basic principles that sometimes get left by the wayside on the way to fame and fortune.

So, that’s what prompted this blog post. What if things like respect, faith, trust and perseverance were glamorous? What if we could be paid for honesty, authenticity and charity? What if we could have a million followers simply for being kind, dependable and tenacious? You get where I’m going right???

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to hate or disparage anyone’s success – but I see a world where we focus on our differences as a means to create gaps. I see a world where apathy is the norm. I see a world where those in power, those elected to serve only serve themselves. I see a world of loss, confusion and maybe a general place of where no fucks are given. I simply want to challenge the status quo. I’m trying to look beyond what is to what could be.

I created a series of memes that simply ask the question “What if (blank) were Glamorous?” There is also an associated hashtag: #GlamorousLife. How would you be impacted? What would be different in the world? Would you do anything differently? My plan is to post these memes on my various social media accounts and see what happens. If you see one of these memes, please answer the question. Please forward, re-post, re-blog and re-Tweet as you see fit and don’t forget to add #GlamorousLife. And maybe, just maybe we’d see that things like love ARE glamorous. Like in the song one of the last verses is:

She thought real love is real scary Money only pays the rent Love is forever that's all your life Love is heaven sent it's glamorous

So, hopefully with this blog post in mind and a few new definitions and some context shifts, you can go forth and make your life and the lives of all those you touch Glamorous!

Lyrics from Google Play.

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