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“I am your partner throughout your transition, whether personal or professional.”



So, where do we begin?  Well, that depends on you and what you need.  There isn't one way to do anything - everything is tailored for YOU.  My 3-Step process ensures that I get to know you and what you really want.


Step 1:  Assess


This is where I listen to what you mean!  I'll ask a lot of questions. I get to know you and what you want.  I look at your skills, strengths and aspirations.  Together, we'll take a look at what's getting in your way.  I take a very personalized approach here utilizing relevant theory, practical experience and ontological coaching.  And this practical approach provides options - options are good!!! Everybody likes options and choices!


Step 2:  Plan


Building off Step 1, this step allows us to co-create a plan that will meet your needs and get you closer to where you want to be, professionally or personally.  Together we will come up with relevant projects, practices and timelines to gage your progress.


Step 3:  Connect


This last step is also the most fun because connections can take many forms.  One place we look for connections is within your relationships. The infinity triangle provides a good starting point - as it represents your relationships to: Yourself, Others and Spirit:










Simply put, I will help connect you to the resources you need to execute YOUR plan.  

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