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Walk Like A Champion

I've found that I'm my most powerful when my intentions, words and actions are all in alignment. So, what does that really mean? When we say what we're going to do - do what we say - and behave in a very purposeful and intentional manner we get more done. We are taken more seriously. Simply put - we get the results that we want and others are aware of the power that we are exuding!

Conversely, if we do NOT align our intentions, words and actions - we do NOT get the results that we want. We are then suseptible to sabotage (internally and externally). We are easily distracted. Our credibility is deminished. In fact, we may actually repel people or weaken previously established connections.

So, Walk Like a Champion! Talk Like a Champion! Aligning your intentions, words and actions will get you a lot closer to where you want to be in life. It is easy for other to see the path you're on and want to join you instead of working agains you. It is easier for YOU to keep you goals in mind and see when you may vere - we all vere! But you can then course-correct - life if beautiful that way! So, are you a Champion???

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