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A Question of Difference

What if happiness was only about accepting your difference? What would that do for you? Is it an exhilarating thought or a scary proposition? Let’s for one minute assume that happiness IS only about accepting our difference. Then that would mean that we are solely responsible for our happiness. We are in control. We are responsible for the lives that we live – the lives that we make. We are creators versus consumers. We move into a realm of infinite possibility. We move towards our greatness and away from our fears and weaknesses.

We, in my opinion, become closer as people. We are more open – more accessible and more accepting of others. What we leave behind is the ability to blame others or our circumstances for our lack of happiness. We are no longer victims to the concepts of chance, coincidence, karma, fate or kismet. Instead, all of those things bring us closer to the lives we want and deserve.

Accepting your difference can unleash a power that no one or nothing can take away. And what is left is a blinding happiness - a happiness that attracts others. What awaits us is happiness so big and bright that even we can’t deny it. So, what’s stopping you???

(Cue that uber popular song by Pharrell Williams… or maybe be on the lookout for those little yellow fellows…)

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