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Whose Afraid of Change????

"People only change when the pain of NOT changing outweighs the pain of change." I have no clue where this quote comes from, but I love it! I find that it is incredibly true. We are humans - creatures of habit. We like our comfort zones. Most of us do everything within our power to maintain a secure place within those comfort zones. But being comfortable can be a problem if change is truly inevitable. Being ripped out of that comfort zone is a shock to the system. We're not prepared! And we resist that change - whatever it is - even if it could lead to a better place and the life that we really want!

So, when change comes knocking on your door do you open the door and embrace change like an old friend? Do you run upstairs, hop in bed and pull the covers over your head? Or do you sit, parallized, hoping that change knocked on the wrong door - will figure that out - and leave you alone? From my perspective, the pain of change can be lessened by embracing it. That is the CHOICE you have. There is power in choice! You can face change on your terms. I'm not saying that all change is easy or even positive. But I am saying that choosing how you face change can make a real and tangible difference in how things go after change presents itself.

Maybe - just maybe - if you squint, change can even be fun??? If we can make things that were once painful, shocks to the system, disruptions fun - WOW!!!! Talk about power?!?! Talk about a shift in perspective?!?! And we know those people, right? Those people who seem to have fun with change - those people who thrive in the transitiions - those people who shift their comfort zones to keep pace with change. Those people are powerful. Those people attract positivity. Those people create life and don't let life happen to them!

News Flash! YOU can be one of "those" people. The choice is yours...

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