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For Lack of Better Words...

As a poet and artist the phrase "for lack of better words" has long puzzled me. Why are there no better words? Why aren't the words available powerful or sufficient? What is in the way of saying what needs to be said? Who is being protected by using inferior words? What's the cost for not fully expressing yourself? I find the phrase to be sad... It saddens me that there are no better words. Why say, "the sun rose" when you could say "the reddish-yellow orb exploded above the horizon like a beacon from God"? Words can paint pictures. Words can move mountains. Words can inspire change! "For lack of better words", to me, indicates that whatever comes next has already lost some meaning or impact.

As a coach I realize that we have years of practice in protecting ourselves. This protection can be most evident in what we say - or DON'T say. "For lack of better words" allows us to stay in our comfort zones. It helps to keep us safe. We protect our most treasured fears by not saying what needs to be said. What if they don't like what I have to say? What if their opinion of me changes? What if they find out I'm a total and complete fraud? I know these are the questions that I ask myself when I'm protecting me - when I'm not saying what needs to be said - the "for lack of better words" rolls of my lips like a glistening drop of dew from the bright red and tender petals of a rose at dawns first light. However, when I'm vulnerable and simply being a powerful leader - there are always better words! And the words somehow flow - even to the point of surprising myself!

Step into your power! Claim your words. Say what needs to be said. It's not easy - I'm not going to kid you. It's hard. And it takes practice. I'm still working on it - but I'm getting closer. Realize that the words you choose have meaning. Words have weight. Use them intentionally. Speak your desires into existence! Break free from the chains of bondage created by the phrase "for lack of better words". Unleash your true potential by aligning your words and intentions with your actions.

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